E&A Scheer
Amsterdam / Full-time
Amsterdam / Full-time

32 - 40 (per week)

€ 3000 - € 4400 (per month)

3 till 5 years


Required skills
Company info

What’s in it for you?

  • We have flexible hours. Start your day between 07:30 and 09:30

  • After your initial onboarding period there is the possibility to work from home according to a hybrid workplace model

  • You get 30 holidays based on a 40-hour workweek.

  • We offer a non-contributory pension. This means that E&A Scheer will pay your full pension, no
     contribution from your side

  • And last but not least, if you beat our top table tennis players, there will be praise at our monthly after
     work cocktail bar.

What skills do you have?

  • You have a Bachelor’s degree (HBO), e.g. in Procurement, contract management, supply chain, hotel management, logistics, or equivalent work experience

  • You are approachable and you communicate easily with suppliers, colleagues and logistic companies

  • You have negotiation skills, are pro-active, and feel ownership of your activities

  • You sincerely feel the responsibility to act according to our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy; this may include supporting suppliers with more environmentally friendly ways of production

  • You have excellent communication skills in English, both written and spoken

Company information

  • One of the oldest rum traders since the 18th century, boasting deep knowledge and craftsmanship.

  • Globally recognized as a specialist in blending and trading rum, serving a wide array of international clients.

  • Committed to sustainable practices and innovation in rum production and distribution.

  • Promotes an inclusive culture with a focus on diversity and equality.

  • Offers ample opportunities for professional growth and development within an international context.

Why work at
E&A Scheer

In this role, you will primarily be involved in the procurement side of this globally operating company. You will be trained and supported by experienced colleagues. You have the ambition to learn on the job and to take on more responsibilities in due course. You will help us to remain an agile and professional company that likes to constantly develop itself.

Salary range

Salary between €3.000 en €4.400 depending on knowledge & experience

Career development

E&A Scheer offers a unique "Rum Master" career track, where employees can embark on a journey from apprenticeship to mastery, including global rum distillery tours, mentorship programs with industry legends, and specialized training in rum tasting and blending techniques. Besides this you will develop your professional Buyer skills as well


At E&A Scheer, our culture is driven by creativity, respect, and a passion for rum's heritage. Here, ideas flourish in a collaborative environment where every voice matters. Join us to blend tradition with innovation and contribute to the legacy of premium rum, shaping the industry's future together. 


What makes E&A Scheer exceptionally fun is the annual "Rum Rendezvous," a company-wide event where employees craft their own rum blends in a friendly competition, fostering creativity and camaraderie among colleagues.

E&A Scheer

E&A Scheer, headquartered in the heart of Amsterdam, stands as the epitome of excellence and tradition in the rum industry. With roots stretching back to the 18th century, we have evolved into the world's premier blender and supplier of fine rum, serving brands across the globe. Our expertise in rum is unmatched, blending centuries-old traditions with modern innovation to create exceptional products.

At E&A Scheer, we believe our strength lies in our people. We are a team of passionate professionals who share a love for craftsmanship and innovation. Our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing is at the forefront of our operations, ensuring that we not only produce the finest rum but also contribute positively to our communities and the environment.

Joining E&A Scheer means becoming part of a dynamic, supportive, and forward-thinking team. Here, you will have the opportunity to grow your career, explore your passions, and contribute to a legacy that has been shaping the rum industry for over two centuries. We offer a workplace where creativity is encouraged, diversity is embraced, and excellence is rewarded.


Waarom kiezen klanten voor E&A Scheer?

Clients choose E&A Scheer primarily for its unmatched expertise and tradition in the rum industry. With a legacy dating back to the 18th century, the company offers unparalleled knowledge and craftsmanship in rum blending, ensuring the highest quality and consistency for their diverse range of products. This rich heritage, combined with a commitment to innovation, makes E&A Scheer a trusted and preferred partner for businesses seeking excellence in rum.


Men / Women

60 / 40 %








Average age


An example of
a day at E&A Scheer

Your main tasks

  • Supplier Management: Maintain and establish contact with suppliers, perform supplier audits, and ensure the company's high standards are met by all vendors.

  • Procurement Operations: Handle the ordering process, which includes requesting, evaluating, and approving samples, as well as planning and monitoring delivery deadlines to ensure a steady supply chain.

  • Quality and Compliance: Conduct quality checks for incoming goods, assist with smaller/new supplier assessments, and engage in projects focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives within the procurement realm.

Your career path




Head of Procurement

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To masterfully blend tradition and innovation to supply the world with the finest rum varieties, fostering a legacy of quality and craftsmanship in every bottle.

Our colleagues in words.

Rum sfeer 5

E&A Scheer


The E&A Scheer team is portrayed as a group of dedicated rum professionals, skilled in blending and with decades of experience in creating consistent and bespoke rum blends. They are described as operations specialists, managing high-strength alcoholic goods with care and attention to quality requirements. The logistics team is noted for its experience in handling the complexities of global rum supply. Great teamwork is emphasized as a key value, ensuring fast processing times and quality service for customers

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